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Senior Times - October 2019
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        Regular Health Screenings are Important, CareWell can Help!
By: Paulette Porter, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, CareWell Services SW
have questions about what other health screenings you should schedule regularly. For more information about the CareWell Kiosk, call (269) 441-0930.
Kinship Korner
 Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Sharon Dewey, Kinship Coordinator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
 Children coming into care from abuse or neglect may have unre- solved health issues. If your insur- ance will not cover the children and health care cannot be obtained from the parents, then try applying for Medicaid through the Department of Health and Human Services. DHHS will provide support to help you fill out the application. If CPS placed the children then the children are eligible for this coverage. If not, and coverage is denied by DHHS, then try applying for MiChild
health Insurance. To be eligible for MiChild children must be:
• U.S. Citizens (some legal immi-
grants are eligible)
• Live in Michigan
• Younger than age 19
• Have no health insurance
• Have a monthly family income
between $1,800 -$3,200 (depend- ing on size of family)
If CPS did not place the chil- dren, then you will need a Power of Attorney or an Authorization for Consent Medical forms signed by the parents to get medical care for the children.
All programs will be held at
Westlake Presbyterian Church,
415 S. 28th St., Battle Creek, unless otherwise indicated.
October 1 – Kinship Support Group, 12:30-2pm.
October 17 – Kinship Support Group, 6:30-7:30pm. Childcare is available with a RSVP to Sharon Dewey at (269) 274-4077.
October 19 – Saturday Parenting Series - Connecting With Your Past - Jonathan Albert & Foster & Adoption from a Child’s View, 9am-12pm. RSVP at FEC Website- Child care available. RSVP to (269) 660-0449.
October 19 – Aunt Beezers Art Activity, 6-12 yr olds. RSVP to FEC Website.
We have tickets to Meijer Gardens. We have tickets to Binder Park Zoo that are active until Oct 6, 2019.
There might be WMU football tickets in the near future – call (269) 274-4077.
  Getting regular health screenings is helpful to maintaining a baseline of your health as you age. There are several regular screenings that are suggested for both men and women over the age of 65, including blood pressure screening, colonoscopy, bone density scan, cholesterol test, and more.
information services throughout the community. While services may vary depending on date and location, certain screenings are always available. These services include glucose testing and blood pressure checks. We also provide a booklet so you can record your numbers each time you come
  CareWell will help you stay on top of your health as you age. The CareWell Kiosk is providing screenings and resource
get checked at the Kiosk. In
the future, we also plan to offer hearing and vision screenings as well as spirometry tests on the Kiosk.
 Talk to your doctor if you
   Need help connecting with health or community resources? Stop in and see us at the Kiosk!
 October 1 from 10:00am–12:00pm @ Homer High School
October 4 from 11:00am–3:00pm @ Family Farm & Home
October 7 from 11:00am–1:00pm @ Forks Senior Center
October 7 from 3:00pm–5:00pm
@ Harrington Elementary School, Albion
October 9 from 2:30pm–4:30pm @ Marshall Middle School
October 14 from 5:00pm–8:00pm @ Crossroads Church, Marshall
October 15 from 9:00am–12:00pm @ Thornapple Valley Church, Hastings
October 16 from 10:00am–12:00pm @ Homer School Parking Lot
October 18 @ Veterans Event @ Full Blast
October 22 from 9:00am–1:00pm @ Community Action Warehouse
October 24 from 10:00am–12:00pm @ Food Hub, Albion
October 25 from 2:00pm–5:00pm @ Willard Library
*Services provided include health screenings, resource navigation, flu shots, and more. Services vary by date.
Change Up Your Routine For October!
By: Kitty Knoll, Senior Center Coordinator, Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center
October is a good time to
settle into your fall routine. Whether or not kids are in school, everyone’s schedule changes with less vacation and yard work, and cooler weather. Fall is a perfect time to add something new to your routine. We have wonderful options for enrichment activities at Heritage Commons, including lunch and learns, card making, acrylic painting, Mah Jongg, walking club, and we even have
a big hike planned! We also have regular exercise classes such as Move to Improve, StrongBones,
  and Exercise for All. All our exercise classes are taught by lively and experienced instructors.
for you to join us for an activity or two. If you have a passion
or interest to share, sign up or volunteer your time at Heritage Commons. You’ll be glad you did.
 Our mission statement at Heritage Commons is to be a gathering place for older adults
to participate in activities and access resources that promote their well-being. Our senior center is so much more than a building – it is a focal point for social interactions and making connections; it is a hub of activity or interest. If you are a member, try a new activity here this fall. If you are not a member, we’d love
Heritage Commons is located at 13444 Preston Drive just off of 15 Mile Rd. Our phone number
is (269) 558-6150. Heritage Commons is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm, Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm and Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

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