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                              with their mutual love for horses. They quickly fell in love with each other
and realized that they were sole mates. Although Mark’s positive attitude would surely push him to full inde- pendence without the assistance of a loved one, there is no denying that Deb has been a catalyst in Mark’s recovery. The events since May have illustrated just how well the two of them function together as a team.
With Mark's positive attitude it is a no brainer that he has established some goals for himself moving forward. “My immediate goal is to walk and get along as good as I can. I want to resume life as normal. Debbie and I have been very creative about how to help me be as independent as possible. I want to get back up on my horses.”
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strives to keep it an important part of the Fair.”
Volunteer LeeAnn Fischhaber has also been influenced by Mark’s actions. She considers him a mentor. Mark’s commitment to the horses and kids is something that LeeAnn has taken notice of and respects.
For those who don’t know Mark it would seem unheard of for this weath- ered seventy-one year old to spend a week at the Fair after going through a major physical change in his life just a few months prior. For those he’s had an impact on over the years it comes as no surprise at all that Mark found a way to continue his streak.
    Mark and Deb have worked in tandem the last few months and the progress that Mark has made because
of it has been amazing. With Deb’s help Mark has climbed in and out of the tractor and his truck allowing him to drive on his own. They even figured out a way for Mark to get on his zero turn lawn mower and mow the yard without his new leg. It appears that Deb must have been a physical therapist in her former life. She has taken notice of the independence of others with prosthetics. “These people inspire me to help Mark live a normal life.”
Mark’s attitude during this set- back in his life shines through in his advice to others facing the same situ- ation. “I would tell other people who have amputations that it is not as bad as it seems. You can get along as well as you have before if not better.”
As admirable as this level of com- mitment to the Calhoun County Fair is, it is Mark’s actions and attitude about life in the past few months that truly define his character. He is the perfect example of the impact that one’s atti- tude has on not just their own lives but also on the lives of those they interact with. His attitude has gone miles in his ability to gain independence in his life in such a short period of time. More importantly his attitude has created that ripple effect that has left lasting impres- sions on others.
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Marks’s streak of attending the Fair along with all the volunteer hours he has logged throughout the years and
his determination to make it an entire week just a few months after losing a leg is a testimony of how important this annual event is in his life. As important as the Fair is to Mark, his presence each and every year is not just about him. His dedication has had as a great of an impact on others as the Fair has had on Mark.
  One example of the positive impact Mark has had on others comes from long time volunteer Mary Adams. Mark’s commitment to the children and the horses that they show has been a source of guidance and inspiration for Mary. “He leads by his actions. He absolutely loves horses and always makes sure that they are taken care of. He is a strong supporter for 4-H and
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