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than six weeks ago.
I am committed to working to find
The holidays are in full swing this month. I hope each of you take time to enjoy family and friends and take some time to relax this month.
a solution to restore this money. Time is of the essence; programs are being cut, and many more services won’t get the funding they need to operate, leav- ing Michiganders to suffer.
Before I get to my legislative update, I’d like to share a few tips
on this month’s Senior Times theme: Aging in Place. I believe that we should remain in our homes as long as our mobility will allow us. But please remember to plan ahead, so you can remain in your home as long as possi- ble, if that’s your wish.
Please call Gov. Whitmer’s office and tell her staff you’d like to see the cuts restored immediately so we don’t lose any momentum in moving our state forward. The governor’s constit- uent services line can be reached at (517) 335-7858.
Talk to your local senior services advocates, such as the Area Agency on Aging, and ask for information on obtaining services such as personal care, meals, and chores at home for when that time comes. For additional local information on aging in place, contact CareWell Services Southwest at (269) 966-2450.
Also in Lansing, the state Senate recently approved legislation to help support children in foster care or those who are entering foster care.
Update on Legislative news:
The Michigan state budget discussion continues, and I am hopeful Gov. Whitmer and the Senate and House leadership will soon come to a resolu- tion. As many of you know, in October the governor line-item-vetoed nearly $1 billion in state-funded services. She also transferred $600 million away from much-needed programming for Michigan families.
The bills focus on the placement
of foster children with families in the community. Recent changes to federal law will restrict the state’s access to federal funds unless certain new guide- lines are followed.
County jail reimbursements and rural road patrol funding equivalent to two full-time road patrol officers are being held up because of Gov. Whitmer’s vetoes.
I sponsored Senate Bills 466, 468, and 539. The legislation would update state law regarding the placement of children in the child welfare system to comply with the federal Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA); enable the state to qualify for increased federal prevention funding; update background check requirements for
all employees of child-caring institu- tions consistent with the provisions of the FFPSA; and require the Michigan State Police to notify child-caring organizations when a previously fin- gerprinted employee experiences a new criminal arrest.
In addition, the governor’s cuts are affecting hospital critical access and obstetrician and gynecology service funding for rural hospitals in the dis- trict, including Sparrow Ionia Hospital, Spectrum Health Pennock in Hastings, and Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall.
The best thing we can do for kids
is keep them in strong families. This legislation will encourage the state to support healthy, loving family relation- ships and high-quality foster facilities that truly care for children. The bills are now before the House Committee on Ways and Means.
The governor has the power to restore all this funding immediately by rescinding her funding transfers, and my hope is that she will keep her word and restore the cuts she made more
Please contact my office if you have any questions or concerns at or (517) 373-2426.
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State Rep. Jim Haadsma, M.D., District 62
or climbing stairs, there are a range of assistive devices available.
There’s no question that aging can be a physically and emotion- ally stressful experience, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through it alone.
 Our seniors are among the most resilient members of our communi- ties. Through years of hard work and determination, they’ve written the story of their lives that is uniquely their own. But for many people, the older we get, the easier it is to feel like we’re no longer holding the pen.
Every Michigander deserves to age with respect and dignity, and that includes maintaining their indepen- dence.
 Especially for those who have prided themselves on being self-reli- ant for much of their lives, it can be incredibly upsetting to feel as though we have to give up our independence as we age. And although that frustra- tion is completely normal, there are several options for those looking to receive the care they need without having to give up the independent lifestyle they’ve become accustomed
If you have thoughts on how Michigan can better provide access to care to our seniors while respecting their independence, I hope that you will reach out to me. Please plan to see me at my monthly coffee hours on the first Saturday of each month and tell me what's on your mind.
to.For example, there are several organizations here in Michigan that provide in-home care to allow you to live comfortably without having to leave your home or your own com- munity. And for those needing a little extra help moving around their home
• Mr. Don's Restaurant, 9-11am 341 N. 20th St, Battle Creek
• Stirling Books & Brew, 1-3pm 119 N. Superior St, Albion
Please email me at JimHaadsma@, or phone me at (517) 373-0555, with any questions you may have.

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