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  My Medicare Matters Covid 19, Traveling and Emergency Care
By: Karen Courtney, Regional MMAP Coordinator,
Area Agency on Aging Announces Efforts to Protect Seniors During Covid-19 Outbreak
By: Liz Lawson Young, Marketing Specialist, CareWell Services SW
As Michigan continues to see the number of COVID-19 cases grow, CareWell Services Southwest, your area agency on aging, has been proactively preparing a response based on the CDC and Governor’s Community Mitigation Strategies. “Because our seniors are at the highest risk, we mobilized and took early steps toward mitigation. Our main responsibility and priority during this time is the protection
  CareWell Services SW
 COVID-19 is in the news. Medicare is here to help. Your Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers a test to see if you have Coronavirus. This test
is covered when your doctor or a health care provider orders it. You usually pay nothing for Medicare- covered clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.
Original Medicare and/or your Medigap secondary policy may have limits to coverage if you are traveling in or outside of the country. When you are travelling out of your network area, most Medicare Advantage Plans will only cover emergency medical services (not appointments made in advance). It’s a good idea
to contact your insurer prior
to doing any traveling, so you fully understand your coverage restrictions and what you might owe during travel periods.
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) usually covers emergency department services when you have an injury, a sudden illness, or an illness that quickly gets much worse.
Your costs with Original Medicare: • You pay a copayment for each
emergency department visit and a copayment for each hospital service.
• You also pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for your doctor's services, and the Part B deductible ($198 per year) applies.
• If you're admitted to the same hospital for a related condition within three days of your emergency department visit, you don't pay the Part B Emergency Room copayment because your visit is considered to be part
of your inpatient stay. Hospital deductible ($1408 per benefit period) applies.
• If you have a secondary insurance, like a Medigap, workplace/retiree plan or Medicaid, the copayments and deductibles may be covered entirely or in part by the secondary insurer.
Emergency and hospital costs differ with Medicare Advantage plans-consult your plan booklet or phone your plan.
Questions? Call MMAP at 800- 803-7174, or go to
On Friday, the agency suspended all community programming
and outreach and reduced onsite staffing. This included closing Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in Marshall,
“To avoid large gatherings
of seniors, Meals on Wheels prepackaged meals will be distributed and take-away meals are available at senior high rises, sites where congregate meals are located,” said Nutrition Director Dan Pontius of Senior Services. Although CareWell has closed
its office at the Kool Family Community Center to the public, a core group of essential staff remain on site. Senior Resource Call Center navigators remain available to answer questions from seniors regarding COVID-19. They are also available to take calls from seniors and community members about needs of seniors such as
all congregate sites throughout the county, suspending employee travel and outside meetings,
and rescheduling all in-person interactions. CareWell is also working closely with the agency’s funded partners to provide recommendations for similar actions.
The agency has identified funding resources to address the most critical needs and to support costs incurred by its funded partners in response to supplemental services provided during the COVID-19 response.
Flamingo Stand
1. Stand with feet together and arm
Single Limb Stance With Arm
1. Stand with feet together and arm
relaxed at sides. Hold onto a
relaxed at sides. Hold onto a
the heel of one foot touching or as close as possible to the toes of your other foot. Repeat for 15-20 steps.
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
Wines. “It’s also difficult to purposely distance ourselves from seniors, as it is these interactions that help reduce isolation, support seniors’ health, and allow us to help seniors connect with resources they may need.”
needing personal care items, medication refills, or food. Staff is also coordinating with other local emergency management efforts in both Barry and Calhoun counties.
 of our seniors and our staff,” said Karla Fales, CareWell CEO.
The agency has activated
its Emergency Response Plan. This plan addresses the needs of seniors that may develop from an extended period of self-quarantine or unavailability of programs
and services. CareWell Services
is working with Senior Services of Southwest Michigan to ensure seniors continued access to nutritious meals.
“While we are taking our lead from the public health departments and emergency management departments, we continue to serve as a focal point and primary contact for seniors, caregivers, and persons with disabilities, said Fales. “We can mobilize the strength of the aging network, with guidance and support from the local response consortiums, to ensure no senior
is at risk or unable to meet their most basic needs. That’s why we are here, it’s the core function of
an area agency on aging to be the advocate and resource for seniors.”
 “[Suspending community programs] was a hard decision, especially considering we had
an extensive outreach calendar planned, including our mobile health Kiosk initiative and Census- related events,” said CareWell Chief Program Officer Stacy
Seniors with questions about how to protect themselves during the COVID-19 outbreak or that have unmet needs may call the agency’s Senior Resource Call Center at (269) 441-0930. The agency will maintain its primary hours of 8am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  Maintain Your Health & Prevent Injuries with Simple At-Home Exercises By: Evelo Online
 Remaining active is important for maintaining health and wellness, even if you’re unable
to leave your home. Here are
some simple exercises to help you improve your balance and reduce falls. Know your personal health limits and refrain from adding any strenuous exercise to your routine without consulting your medical provider. You can find more simple at-home exercises at https://www.
Single Limb Stand Stance With Arm
Toe The Line
3. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat on the other side.
balance with your other leg.
3. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat
with the other leg.
Toe The Line
1. Stand with arms relaxed at sides. 2. Move one foot forward, placing
 chair for support if needed. 2. Bend one knee to lift the foot slightly off the ground and
chair for support if needed. 2. Raise your left arm overhead
and raise your left leg forward and off the floor.

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