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  R Wash pillows. Most pillows are machine-washable, but you can hand- wash them in a tub.
R Clean the ceiling, walls, and windows. This includes air vents, window sills, light fixtures, and switch plates.
R Dust ceiling the fan. Be careful if you’re using a ladder. Have a spotter if you can.
R Clean curtains and blinds. Wash cur- tains and dust blinds.
R Declutter closets. Sort through your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Donate anything you haven’t used in the past year. Also, store your winter clothes to make room for your summer clothes.
six months for home fire safety and pro- tection and to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.
R Clean out your office. Sort through your filing cabinet. Be careful not to get rid of anything you may need in the future, such as tax returns (which the IRS recommends keeping for at least three years). Dust and polish furniture; including bookshelves, electronics. Sanitize keyboard and mouse.
R Shampoo carpets and rugs. You can do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Just remember to let these dry thoroughly before putting your furniture back in place to prevent furniture stains.
R Clean out the garage. Get rid of your old stuff. Think about having a garage sale. It’s a good time to wash down walls, windows, and the floor area. Replace the batteries in the garage door openers.
R Clean storage areas. From the mud- room to the closets toss what you no longer use and share those items with agencies that will find someone to use them.
R Shine doorknobs. Doorknobs are full of germs and should be cleaned regularly.
R Sanitize. From door handles and light switches, to all surfaces in between. Always good to stay on top of reducing risks for infection.
R Update the first-aid kit. You should do
R Organize laundry supplies. R Wipe walls.
R Wipe baseboards.
R Mop floors.
this periodically to make sure nothing is
expired or running low.
R Remove expired medications, cos- metics, and beauty products. When in doubt, throw it out.
R Clean curtains and blinds. Wash cur- tains and dust blinds.
R Clean shower, tub and toilet. Clean showerhead. Replace curtain liner. Scrub tile grout.
R Clean the ceiling and walls. This includes baseboards, air vents, light fix- tures, and switch plates.
R Wash out the trash can. Don’t just dump the trash; clean out the inside of the can.
Laundry Room
R Clean washing machine. R Clean dryer vent.
R Clean lint trap.
R Wash outdoor furniture. Get it ready
for spring and summer use.
R Wash windows. This includes the screens.
R Spray down the house. If your siding looks dirty, spray it down with a hose. Use a pressure washer if necessary.
R Pressure-wash the driveway. This probably isn’t something you need to do yearly, so take a look at your driveway’s surface and make a judgment call.
Remember, the items on this list go above and beyond more routine cleaning tasks, such as wiping down counters and cleaning toilets. If your house needs a good routine cleaning, add those items to the list as well.
Check fire alarm and carbon mon- oxide monitor batteries. Do this every
As you complete a task, cross it off. It will help you stay on track while fueling your sense of accomplishment.
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