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because we can – what is the person doing that is not that privileged.
It is so hard to believe it is May! Not just, because the year seems to be flying by, but because we are home, most have not left our homes unless absolutely neces- sary, so where does the time go.
So I did a little research – meaning
I asked some of my friends who have more experience than I do (they are my elder friends) to see what their lives were like when they were growing up because many of us revert back to those long term memories. The answers I received: we got to bathe once a week (if we were lucky); we could not wash our clothes every day; water was not to be wasted; we wore
our clothes more than once; and we did not have closets full (that was a waste of money); we planned ahead for meals and groceries so we were not wasting gas; just to name a few. Now I also realize that there were many factors that impacted what you did and did not do but this really made me rethink about some of my own habits. Again, many factors come into play and we all have different stories.
What I have learned is that isolation is far more difficult than I imagined.
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If you know me, you know I am very active with work, activities, fami- ly, friends, and church so I am typically always on the run.
One lesson I have learned from this stay-at-home order is I have not always taken the time to appreciate all we have in our lives.
Let me explain what I mean.
With working with family caregivers and families (even my own), issues of impatience always come up. I hear they do not shower, eat right, get up, get dressed, know what day it is, they sleep all day, and the list goes on. Now that I have been home for over a month and what have I learned? If I was not working from home, I might not get up. I do not shower every day. (I mean I am not doing much so why dry out my skin!) I have to look at my computer or cell phone to make sure I have the date right and then I have to see what day of the week it is (again just to be sure I know). You see, I live alone so my contact with the outside world is very lim- ited. I do have a dog and for as much as
I love her and talk to her – she is not like having another human around.
This also led me to question whether I need more patience with others. As we age, many things change and we assume that everyone is well aware of those changes. But are they? Just because you can see well, or have managed visual changes, it does not mean someone else can; just because you can smell, does not mean others can. Should we not help others in a kind and gentle way vs. being mean and ugly with our words?
What I have learned is that isolation
is far more difficult than I imagined so I have tried to think about those who are more isolated than I am. Those who in
a typical day do not have a car to drive, family to reach out to, or have a hard time with sight and hearing. On a typical day when you and I are running all over –
I have had time to think about some of what I see, much of what I may take for granted, and I know I need more patience when it comes to some areas of my life.
Lifestyle – Put self-care as a top prior- ity every day. Pay attention to your habits. Limit your stress, turn off the TV, get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times per week, and 7-8 hours of sleep per night. These habits lay the foundation for a strong immune system and happy body
Hydration – Your body's hydration level plays a crucial role in every system functioning correctly. Without adequate hydration and the right electrolyte deliv- ery system your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to recover from illness or infection. See page 20 for more.
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System Boost
By: Troy Huggett, Fitness Pros
It’important to have a strong, healthy immune system. With the threat of both the coronavirus and the pandemic pounds, or quarantine-15, it can feel like your two options are to get sick or to pack on the pounds while you stay at home. You are the best defense against excess weight gain, low energy, and viral infections.
that fights infection and burns fat. Nutrition – You can’t out-exercise a bad diet and your nutrition is absolutely
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Take care during this difficult time and have more patience where you can! We can all use gentleness in our aging day.
Praying for you all. Happy May!
essential in burning fat, building muscle, and keeping you healthy. A healthy diet is the most important element to overall wellness. Stay away from the fridge and the pantry in between meals!
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