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Page 4 Senior Times - November 2020 Chiropractic
   COVID-19 & Healthcare
By: Dr. Donald W. Wooten, DC, DABCO
The pandemic since February has caused deaths, severe sickness of many body systems, anxiety, and emotional reactions among many other symp- toms. We have experienced the best epidemiologists and researchers put
out a wide array of information with no specific treatment, although some
of the more standard treatments for virus early stages seems to have been effective. We hear an abundance of dis- cussions about immunization, however caution is prudent as immunization can cause adverse side effects for some.
Chiropractic is conservative healthcare that has clinical success in assisting patients to boost their immune system.
Patients want to know what they can do now to best insulate their health.
(virus or diseases), remember that diet, exercise, and proper rest are essential to maximize your health. Also, clinical- ly we have used nutritional therapy to assist patients with various conditions to improve their immune health. We recommend a high quality echinacea with golden seal herb formula with a vitamin formula of A, E, C, Bioflavoid, and Riboflavin. We have clinically seen improvements in recovery. Proactively this has seemed to be supportive in the prevention of a patient’s susceptibility to colds, flus, and viruses.
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Board Certified Physician. Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Fellowship in American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Member of the American Chiropractic Association, Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation.
Dr. D.W. Wooten
That is accomplished by a system
of assisting your body’s innate line of defense to function at a maximum level so that your immune system keeps you at a level of resistance to minimize a disease process.
Lastly, in our discussion of improv- ing health, it is important to recognize that physical, mental, and/or emotional stress can have a negative effect on your health. Recognizing that life stresses are having a drain on you and making necessary lifestyle changes can also help your immune system.
   In chiropractic we have found the best results with managing the commu- nication from the brain to every tissue in the body by specifically mobilizing spinal fixations and decreasing the interference of nerve transmission as nerves exit the spine where research has reveals that 5mm of pressure on a spinal nerve decreases nerve flow by 50%. Specific chiropractic adjustments to correct these neurospinal compres- sion syndromes can boost the body’s ability to function at a high level. So, keep your spinal health at a maximum!
For your health, continue to social distance, wear your mask as recom- mended, especially when in a situation of possible spread. Do remember when in a safe place to remove your mask and take deep breaths. If you or your family have a compromising health issue, stay at home until it resolves. Don’t be a spreader.
Discuss your personal health issues with your doctor of chiro- practic and realize that your body systems, at whatever level you are, can be enhanced to help you have an improved resistance to disease.
     DC, DABCO
Next, like any other infections
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