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Celebrate Safely this Holiday Season, Here are Some Ideas
By: Liz Lawson Young, Marketing Specialist, CareWell Services SW
Aging and Disability Resource Line: 1-800-626-6719 General Agency Telephone: (269) 966-2450
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Sharon Dewey
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 The Holiday’s are coming and because of COVID-19, this year will look very different. For our generation, especially, because we are at risk for more dangerous outcomes. Many of us are still raising children. So, the question is, how to make Christmas special and still reduce risk of infection?
Make a list of what makes Christmas special for your family, such as:
• Family Gatherings
• Special Food
• Gifts
• Church
• Decorations
Look at your special list cre- atively for new ways to keep treasured traditions and new tra- ditions to bring families together. Try Zoom for free on your com- puter or phone. Try a Facebook group page. What about a family drive-by? Attend church on-line. It could be a great time to make some decorations with the kids.
The Family Enrichment Center wants to help you this Holiday Season. We have resources for food, children’s gifts, or maybe you just need someone who can listen and understand. Please call Sharon Dewey at (269) 274-4077 any time. God bless and thank- you for stepping up to the plate for your family.
       Family Enrichment Center
 The holiday season is often a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones, some we may not get to see regularly. However, this year, family gatherings present
a risk, especially to older loved ones or those with pre-existing conditions that put them at
higher risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.
one to a friend so they can play along. Change up your holiday meal plan to try something new! Exchange recipes with friends and make their holiday favorites.
  Don’t be too discouraged! There are still many ways to celebrate with loved ones while still working to stop the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe. Here are a few ideas for how
to ring in the holidays safely in 2020:
and healthy.
These are just a few ideas
to help you create wonderful memories with a little creative thinking this holiday season. Please remember, it is important to stay home and stay safe when you are able, especially if you are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Be sure to communicate your concerns and comfort level clearly with your loved ones as the holiday season approaches and plans begin to form.
 Schedule a virtual gathering.
Send holiday spirit through the mail. Arrange a group to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange by mail, gather your holiday favorites and mail them to your grand children,
Eat together, open presents, sing holiday carols, all without leaving your home! Arrange a time to gather in front of your computer screens and celebrate together. Plan your menu in advance, send food through delivery services, order gifts online for delivery, and celebrate with one another while keeping everyone safe
Do Good, Virtually.
Increase during the
By: Lynn Moss, Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) Regional Coordinator
are that there is no travel involved, you can remain in the comfort of your own home, and stay in your pajamas! Virtual volunteering allows you to choose how you want to help based on your skill set or on the skills you hope to gain. It allows for more flexibility in that it makes no difference if you are a night owl or an early riser. With virtual volunteering, you can work when it is convenient for you. You have a chance to help in countries that you have always wanted to visit or learn more about, as well as make global connections. Some of these opportunities include tutoring, transcribing documents and books, writing letters to those in need, research, art and design, identifying endangered animals, assisting with the Crisis Text Line, outreach and advocacy,
and giving sight to those with blindness or low vision through
or celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by sending gifts to your loved ones. Being separate doesn’t have to mean missing out on holiday fun.
Seniors or caregivers with questions or in need of assistance while staying at home can contact CareWell Services at (269) 441- 0930 to be connected with local resources and information to help them remain safe at home during the pandemic. CareWell wishes you a happy and safe holiday season!
Start a new tradition.
Schedule a virtual movie night on the phone or video chat. Choose a new game or holiday puzzle to buy and send the same
  Virtual Volunteering Opportunities Coronavirus Pandemic
 “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Plato
Volunteering benefits the volunteer as well! According to Help Guide, just two-to-three hours of volunteering per week has shown to have lasting effects. Volunteering helps counteract
the effects of stress, anger,
and anxiety. It helps to combat depression by leading you to
a strong support system with regular contacts. As a volunteer, you may feel happy. Help Guide says, “As human beings are hard- wired to give to each other. The more we give, the happier we feel.” Volunteering increases self- confidence by providing a natural sense of accomplishment, pride, and identity as well as providing a sense of purpose.
This hasn’t been the greatest year for us, our community,
our nation, or the world. We
are doing our best to deal with this pandemic and support one another through these difficult and trying times. Volunteering has taken a real hit. It has been reported that 93% of nonprofits have had heavy reductions in their volunteers. Eighty-five percent of volunteers are afraid of getting ill or exposing others. Fifty percent of volunteers still want to help in person, and
45% of volunteers want to help virtually according to Sterling Volunteers. Many nonprofits
are actively seeking virtual volunteers and would be grateful for your help and generosity.
Please remember to stay home and stay safe. There are plenty of opportunities out there to do good virtually! For even more volunteering possibilities, visit,, or
 Virtual volunteering opportunities are available on a national and global level. The best parts of virtual volunteering

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