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      Companionship is Gold!
By Kitty Knoll, Senior Center Coordinator, Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center
My Medicare Matters Watch Your Mail!
By: Karen Courtney, MMAP Counselor, CareWell Services SW
Senior Times - December 2020
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   The pandemic has challenged us in ways we could not imagine just seven months ago. We all know that companionship is important for our mental and physical well-being.
rather than ourselves for a
time. Our anticipation of future meetings with friends or family members can prevent the onset of depression. It can lift people out of loneliness. Our bonds with friends and family members give us purpose and provide support for us, both mental and physical.
bonds and let someone know
you are thinking of them. Simple interactions can count for so much for all of us and lift our moods. We function better when we have spent time with others. Make time today for companions.
   Companionship is gold; it is the best of personal interactions.
Look into virtual programming, we have various virtual local programming available. Heritage Commons is offering virtual
Watch your mail for your New Part D insurance cards. December 7, 2020, is the final day of 2021 Open Enrollment for Medicare Prescription Drug Part D and Medicare Advantage with Part D. Changes made will be effective beginning January 1, 2021.
 Companionship has been put at a premium in the pandemic when so many are living alone. We cannot and should not be out among groups of people. That makes our everyday contacts priceless! .
Companionship comes in many forms. It can be experienced in person or on the phone, or by computer or tablet as a virtual medium. If you have people that you cannot see, call them. It is a great way to connect and provides opportunities to connect to others. It can strengthen your emotional
lunch and learn events available to every Calhoun County senior that has a computer, tablet, cell phone, or landline. Registration is easy! For information on upcoming lunch and learns email
Persons who enrolled or
made changes to their plan choices during the October 15 to December 7 enrollment period should be watching their mail
for their “Hello and Welcome” packets of information and insurance cards from their new Part D insurers. You may also get a cancellation letter from your 2020 plan.
Companionship allows for brain stimulation providing us occasions to consider others
    Fight Isolation During the Holidays
Weekly calls for seniors in Barry & Calhoun Counties to provide reassurance, wellness checks, and friendly conversation. Our volunteers are waiting to talk to you!
Call (269) 966-2450 to sign up!
Hearing and Vision Services Available from CareWell Services
If you do not receive your information and need help finding the toll free number for the plan you selected for 2021, simply
call the Battle Creek MMAP office at 800-803-7174, or the Calhoun County Office of Senior Services at (269) 781-0846, or the Forks Senior Center in Albion at (517) 629-3842. These MMAP counselors can also provide guidance to persons who will be newly Medicare eligible in the coming months.
HINT: Use a sharpie and write “2021” on a blank area of the back of your new card. Cut up and dispose of your old Part D (PDP) card, to be certain you’re always giving providers the card of the current year!
                         CareWell HouseCalls Phone Reassurance Program
    By: Paulette Porter, Program Manager, Special Initiatives
Studies have shown that seniors with untreated hearing and vision loss reported a lower quality of life than those whose hearing and vision loss has been treated with hearing aids and eyeglasses. Hearing and vision loss can add to the perception that an older person is “slow” or is losing their faculties, which is usually not the case. This negative perception from others can lead to negative
Services Southwest. Complete an application online by calling (269) 441-0930. Applicants must meet income requirements to qualify.
Retirees on Social Security should also be receiving your annual Social Security Income statement, showing your 2021 gross income, any Part B or Part D Medicare premiums being taken out, and what you can anticipate for a monthly deposit. Save this important document, as it is your proof of income when applying for many services or assistance programs for the entire coming year.
  self-perception, withdrawal,
and feelings of isolation, which can result in lower self-esteem, frustration, and even depression.
CareWell Services is here
to help! Our HearWell and SeeWell programs provide free hearing exams, hearing aids, eye exams, and glasses to Calhoun County residents, age 60 and over. These programs are funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage and offered by CareWell

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