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Senior Times - December 2020
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
   If you’re looking for a wonderful gift that your older adult will use and enjoy, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up several gift ideas, ranging from products for independent older adults to gifts for seniors with dementia or those with greater care needs.
Miles for Memories G.P.S. watch costs $200 + monthly service. This watch can help you keep track of your loved one that may wander. One of the most unique features
of this watch is that it’s portable and goes where they go. Since it also functions as a cell phone, loved ones can call it to stay in touch and it can be set for automatic answer- ing. The watch allows emergency responders to access vital information in case of emer- gency such as emergency contact, medical information, and more. Should the G.P.S. locator not be necessary just yet, the basic personal I.D. wrist band is $20. Visit
GreatCall Lievely Flip and Jitterbug Smart2 mobile phones start at $100 + ser- vice. The GreatCall Lively mobile medical alert device means older adults can get help anywhere, not just inside the house. Plus, built-in fall detection sensors means it can automatically call for help if your older adult falls. Starting at $50 + service.
These gifts are thoughtful, helpful, and can improve your older adult’s quality of life. You’re sure to find something they’ll be grateful to receive, or at the very least, get an idea of something that might be an even better fit for your loved one.
GrandPad tablet starts at $150 + ser- vice. This simple, secure tablet is perfect for seniors who are ready to start video chat- ting and sharing memories with family and friends anywhere in the world.
This list identifies thoughtful, senior-friendly holiday gifts including:
• Technology gifts to keep seniors connected
Claris Companion tablet starts at $299 plus $29 monthly. Seniors can enjoy pho- tos, video chat, and internet browsing on
a simplified tablet (the average user age is 86). It works right out of the box – no setup required.
and safe.
• Keepsake gifts to celebrate special
View Clix smart frame allows you to store and display photos. Screen size starts at 10 inches for $200 and upwards to $300 for the 15-inch frame. Both have an auto answering for video calls. Consider vision when choosing screen size.
• Gifts that entertain and engage.
• Experiences to enjoy.
• Gifts to reduce anxiety and promote calm
Celery 2-way computerless email starts at $14 monthly. This low-tech system lets seniors keep in touch through email without having to own or use a computer. They don’t even need an internet connection.
and relaxation.
• Senior-friendly clothing and footwear gifts.
• Gifts that make daily life easier, healthier,
Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show
Telikin computer starts at $899. These computers are created to be the easiest and most intuitive user experience possible.
and more comfortable.
allow for interaction in the household. The Echo Show is like a personal assistant with
Lets start with technology. The coro- navirus pandemic has forced us to rely
on technology more than ever. These tech gifts help us stay connected and help keep seniors safer when we aren’t able to be there in person. Costs start as low as $50 so there is likely to be something that will work for you and your loved one.
a video screen that can make and receive calls. Auto answering is an option. Price range is $90-$230. The Echo Dot is a hands- free, voice-controlled device that plays music, gives weather reports, reads the news, answers questions, tells jokes, checks sports scores, reads audiobooks, and more. Starting price is $50. The Echo “Alexa” is the big sibling to the Dot and does all that it can,
  This section provides a bit more detail about each of the technology options listed. Of course it’s not exhaustive but it does give a variety of choices.
but it has premium speakers that can move around. Starting price is $100.
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