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      Getting a good night’s sleep is important to overall health. As we age, many factors get in the way of quality sleep. Changes in schedules, chronic pain, anxiety, depression due to isolation, and many other things contribute to disruptions in sleep patterns.
is seven to eight hours of sleep per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. With so many things seemingly working against a good night’s sleep, how do we prioritize good sleep as we age?
Keep the television and other electronics out of your bedroom.
3. Cut out caffeine. Substances like caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco can make it more challenging
to sleep. Cutting back on these things may help you get to and stay asleep.
4. Develop a routine. Try to avoid sudden changes in your sleep schedule. Consider going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.
5. Include relaxing activities in your routine. Activities such as reading or taking a bath help your mind and body relax and prepare you for sleep. If you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed, try getting out of bed and doing a quiet activity such as reading or listening to soft music. When you feel groggy, get back into bed.
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  Good Night, Sleep Tight: Tips On Encouraging Quality Sleep
By: Lynn Moss, Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) Regional Coordinator
My Medicare Matters Medicare Advantage and General Enrollment Periods
By: Karen Courtney, MMAP Counselor, CareWell Services SW
    Environmental changes and
medical conditions aren’t the only
  factors that impact sleep. Studies
January begins the annual General Enrollment Period for Medicare Parts A and B. If you have to buy Part A and didn’t take it when eligible, or didn’t take Part B medical coverage when first eligible, or if you cancelled your Medicare and you now want it back, you may sign up between January 1-March 31. Your coverage won’t start until July 1, and you may have to pay higher premiums for late enrollment. You may enroll through Social Security or their website.
show that as we get older, our
body’s circadian rhythm shifts
forward in time causing older
Here are a few steps older adults can take to help encourage quality sleep.
Keep Your Resolutions
adults to tire in the afternoon and wake up early in the morning. It was also found that most older adults end up spending more
time in the light stages of sleep, potentially resulting in waking up more often during the night and ultimately, experiencing less restful sleep.
1. Exercise. Moving your body
is not only one of the best
things that you can do for your health, but those who exercise generally fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and report a better quality of sleep.
The recommended amount of sleep for adults over the age of 65
Reduce bedroom distractions.
  By: Paulette Porter, Program Manager, Special Initiatives
in a wide variety of subjects, including social media, financial planning, aging in place, and many more. They even offer regular social hours and other social activities such as book clubs.
ask questions.
With the GetSetUp Starter
in 2021 with GetSetUp
If you are still working when you become Medicare eligible, check with your employer or union to find out how your workplace coverage works with Medicare. This includes federal or state employment and active- duty military service. There are also special rules for COBRA, Retirees, VA users, TRICARE, and Marketplace Health Plan users.
  Making resolutions for the new year is an annual tradition for many. Unfortunately, breaking resolutions also seems to be a bit of a tradition for many people, as the year gets busier. That doesn’t have to be the case with the help of GetSetUp!
Each course is live and taught by a knowledgeable older adult. Classes are made for everyone, regardless of experience or education in the subject. Seats are limited so that learners
can actively participate and
membership, you can access one group class each month for free, as well as unlimited social hours. To get started, visit, check out the schedule, and register for a class today!
During this same period, Medicare Advantage plan users can switch either to another Medicare Advantage Plan, or return to Original Medicare. If you return to Original Medicare, you need to also enroll in a Part D prescription plan.
GetSetUp is a website designed for older adults full of online courses with the purpose of encouraging lifelong learning and socialization. Classes are offered
Whether your resolution is to better understand technology, make new friends, or develop healthier habits, GetSetUp offers a course to help you achieve your goal!
There are several major brand name Medicare Advantage plans which are advertised heavily on local
TV stations. These plans
DO NOT work at our local hospitals! Please verify that all your specialists, doctors, and the local hospital participate with your specific Medicare Advantage plan. NOW is your last chance to make changes, or you may be stuck with that plan all year.
    Here to help you
stay connected stay safe
stay healthy stay home
Persons who have the “Extra Help” program to help with prescription costs may also be able to make changes at other times of the year – special rules apply. Your MMAP counselors can help you navigate these ins and outs! Call 1-800-803-7174.
  Learn more about our programs and services for seniors and caregivers at
Call us, we’re here to help!
(269) 966-2450

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