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have to become the most creative grand- mother in the world or I would become the most insane. So I gave myself a good talk. The most important thing
We were in store for some extremely cold weather. In fact, there were win- ter storm warnings and everyone was staying tuned in to the weather forecast. I had just taken our grandchildren to school, but I was becoming somewhat concerned since I would have to return quite a distance to pick them up in the bad weather. Putting my fears away temporarily, I began my normal rou- tine of picking up scattered toys and doing laundry while still listening to the weather report. Every time I passed a window, I looked out to see if that storm was indeed beginning to brew. Nothing going on so far, I thought, so I contin- ued with the laundry and other chores.
to do is to remain calm. Do not panic. They are just your grandchildren... and you love them... they are not going to tie you up and run circles around you. They are only six and five... remember that. You are the adult and you are the boss. Get out that giant legal pad and come up with some great ideas and remember... stay ahead of them!
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                            While sitting down to lunch, I was hoping that the weatherman was wrong regarding the icy forecast. It looked fine outside to me, so I cleaned up the lunch dishes and rolled up my sleeves to tack- le more housework. There was always tons of work to do since we now have custody of our two grandchildren, ages six and five, and getting my work done before they returned from school was a top priority.
I realized that I would first need very strong coffee to get going. Number one priority. Actually prayer should be first, but I needed the coffee to help me pray clearly. As I was busying myself in the kitchen preparing for the great chal- lenge, I could hear giggles and shouts of surprise as the children awoke and looked out the window to see the glis- tening sleet and snow fall from the sky. “No school, no school,” they cheerfully chanted. Then they began to chatter like happy little chipmunks planning a day of fun.
It was around 12:30pm and I was about to turn on the vacuum when I suddenly heard a terrible noise on the roof. I dropped the vacuum and looked out the window. I gasped. Extremely heavy sleet was falling in thick sheets. How could this have happened so fast? I’ll never make it to the school and back on the icy roads! I quickly grabbed my car keys and rushed out the door. I man- aged to get to the school and quickly pick up the children. We headed home on the slippery roads and I could not believe we actually got safely home without sliding all over the road. With a great sigh of relief, I thanked the Lord for an uneventful trip home. The chil- dren were glad to be home and ran to their rooms to play.
Breakfast was homestyle this morn- ing, no quickie breakfast bars or cereal today. As I sat at the table, looking at their happy faces and their eyes all aglow, I felt a deep peace and realized this experience would be a sweet time of bonding as well an opportunity to share God’s love.
Texas weather is extremely unpre- dictable, so often we are caught unpre- pared. When I arrived home, I realized that in all the rush I had not gone to the grocery store. I ran to the kitchen and quickly surveyed the pantry. Whew! We should be fine for today, then the Texas sunshine will melt this icy stuff and I can go to the store tomorrow. In my dreams! Little did I know that we would not be able to get out of our driveway for nearly a week.
As we moved throughout each
day, beautiful teaching opportunities unfolded before me. With each incident I seized it for the Lord. I put the house- work aside and the three of us cuddled on the couch eating popcorn, reading Bible stories, and watching the singing veggies and the talking jet plane.
The next morning I awoke with a surprise. Looking out the window, I said to myself, “Uh oh, no one is going any- where for awhile.” And after hearing the weather report giving no hope of sun- shine, I realized I was going to be iced in alone with my two energetic grand- kids, for who knows how long. Why did my husband have to go on a trip now? I need him here.
Panic? How could I have even been tempted with panic when God gave
me golden moments to help mold two precious souls? Permeating my spirit continually was, “These command- ments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” In contemporary language, that means 24/7.
In that moment, I knew that I would
Iced in? Yes, but not alone. God was working in this unexpected experience to create wonderful warm golden moments to mold little minds and hearts closer to Him and to me. Thank you, Lord.
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And indeed, many opportunities came. However, the opportunities came with a few “time-outs” as well. We baked cookies and made every craft imaginable. The refrigerator was totally camouflaged with colored pictures by the end of the first day. We painted and worked puzzles and even cleaned clos- ets. They found toys they had forgotten all about. My granddaughter played dress up and my grandson was sheriff for two days.
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