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Senior Times - January 2021
10 New Year’s
 Calhoun County Senior Millage
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All services are funded by the citizens of Calhoun County through support of the Senior Millage. Services are available to any County resident, age 60 and over. Some programs may have additional eligibility requirements.
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  Resolutions for Caregivers
By: Tim Mitchell, Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E.
own medical appointments and screenings, including dental cleanings and eye exams.
6. I will find a way to monitor my own energy levels so I can recharge my batteries before I hit the point of exhaustion and burnout.
7. I will remember that seeking advice from professionals, organizations, and fellow caregivers is a sign of strength, not weakness.
8. I will remember that taking care of my own needs isn’t selfish, but it benefits everyone I love.
9. I will get appropriate help for myself if depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues become apparent to me, my friends, or my family. I will listen to others when they tell me I need to get help and will no longer respond with, “Oh, I’ll be alright.”
10. I will be open to alternative ways of caring for myself. I will make sure I schedule a massage, aroma therapy, meditation, exercise, attend a caregiver support group, partici- pate in an online caregiver group, seek out respite care, or meet with a therapist.
Caregiving is not easy, but Senior Health Partners is here to help you through your journey. Please call us at (269) 441-0948 or visit us at to learn how we can assist you through the many services we offer.
1. I give myself permission to not keep the following resolutions or to keep them only partway. This may seem like a strange way to begin a list
of New Year’s resolutions. But the reality is that sometimes the pres- sure of having resolutions hanging over your head, on top of your caregiving responsibilities, can be overwhelming. So, it’s important that you give yourself the flexibility to not keep every resolution every day. It’s okay to be imperfect and to let some things slide.
2. I will not allow guilt to control my life – Almost every caregiver feels a sense of guilt as it relates to their responsibilities. While you likely can’t always control the immediate feeling of guilt, you can control how you let that feeling impact your life. Recognize your feeling of guilt, but remind yourself that liv- ing in guilt is not an option and you are doing the best you can, given the circumstances. Then, let go of the guilt because ultimately you
3. I will find time alone for myself, even though that seems impossible. I will ask for help from people and resources I’ve never considered before.
4. I will say “no” to requests for my time when I know I can’t add any more to my plate.
5. I will follow through with my
are in control of your feelings and emotions.
Social Security
By: Vonda Vantil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist
does not receive benefits, your spouse will have to apply for benefits and request the payments be suspended. Then you can receive benefits on your spouse’s Social Security record. If you were born on or after 01/02/1954 and wish to receive benefits, you must file for all benefits for which you are eligi- ble. Social Security will determine the benefits you are eligible for and pay you accordingly. For individuals born on or after 01/02/1954, there is no lon- ger an option to select which benefit you would like to receive, even beyond your full retirement age. Widows are an exception, as they can choose to take their deceased spouse’s benefit without filing for their own. For more information, visit
  In-Home Care for a Better Quality of Life
Light Housekeeping • Meal Prep • Dressing • Companionship Grocery Shopping • Laundry
Providing services to Kalamazoo, Calhoun, St Joseph, Branch, Hillsdale, Lenawee and Jackson Counties.
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Can I delay my retirement benefits and receive benefits as a spouse only? How does that work?
It depends on your date of birth. If you were born on or before 01/01/1954 and your spouse is receiving Social Security benefits, you can apply for retirement benefits on your spouse’s record as long as you are at your full retirement age. You then will earn delayed retirement credits up to age 70, as long as you do not collect ben- efits on your own work record. Later, when you do begin receiving benefits on your own record, those payments could very well be higher than they would have been otherwise. If your spouse is also full retirement age and
                     Blessings for the New Year!
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