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By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
  Many of you have achieved the coveted status of retired. Do you find yourself living it to the fullest or are you wondering, “What now?” What are your expectations of retire- ment? Do you find yourself needing to fill a few extra hours each week? What about the things that were on your bucket list? Could now be the time to make plans to try to tackle one of them or maybe start a second career?
a new career, learn a new skill, or choose a path that brings new meaning and joy. What about travel? Volunteering? Grand children?
career can also allow for some of that travel that you were hoping to do later in life. Your experience might be the perfect start to a new book, a blog, or podcast.
More often than not, working after retire- ment is fueled more by personal fulfillment than receiving peak dollars again. Your time becomes your own again and while you will have to be responsible, especially if working for someone else, you can also choose how many hours a week you want to commit to. Now, you may have the greatest options.
Become an entrepreneur; it makes cents. Yes, you can start your own business. It doesn’t necessarily mean launching a new product, but it could. There is so much more however, from running a B&B to making a hobby into a second career. Your previous experiences in the workforce can give you the knowledge and confidence to get started. With a little adjusting it can become the per- fect new beginning you’ve been looking for. The best part is that owning your own busi- ness allows you to set the schedule and the pace of the work. Before you take the plunge make sure to also take the time to learn the dynamics of running a business as well as the financial responsibilities.
Return to the classroom. Return to learn or to train others. Either way, there are nearly half a million men and women over the age of 50 that are enrolled in part-time or full- time undergraduate and graduate programs according to the Department of Education; many more in other training and vocational programs. This too, can become a second career as you take your expertise to the class- room through Lifelong Learning programs or other training programs through your local community college or at area businesses.
In a time when many jobs offer an oppor- tunity to work online or from home, there is also the possibility to phase into retirement, or out of it, easing into a few hours each week at the office. Transitioning into a con- sultant position can also support this type of transition. This will allow for leisure time along with income, and possibly even con- tinued benefits from employment. You may even consider taking on a different type of responsibilities during this time.
Volunteering is beneficial for all. If you are not seeking extra income a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor for you could be volun- teering. You can choose the type, ages, loca- tions, and more. You can contact area orga- nizations directly or work through organized programs. Reach out to 2-1-1 for possibilities in our area today. Your efforts will make a difference in the lives of those around you and provide you great health benefits as well.
  Many of today’s retirees are viewing retirement as the beginning of a new and exciting phase of their life, rather than an ending.
And while you’re looking at your future, phased retirement offers many benefits for employers too. Baby boomers are great employees to have, even with reduced hours. It will cut on costs for them while main- taining the most experienced employees. Surprisingly, if all baby boomers retired at age 65 there would be a significant labor shortage. If you’d like to return to work consider visiting your previous employer to discuss a part-time, or phased employment opportunity. If one does not exist, maybe you can help them design a program that works well for both of you. Or maybe, just maybe, you can choose a different direction and start
Your best second career is to work on something you love. Passion might not have been on the top of the list when trying to meet the needs of your young family. Now that you can choose, the most fulfilling sec- ond careers are found by making them an extension of those things that inspire you. As an example, if you enjoy kids, why not drive a school bus, work as a teacher’s aid, or a at library? If you enjoy animals, try the zoo or an animal shelter.
Enjoy being a grand parent. They may not say it but your adult children need you. Your grand children need you. And studies say that you need them too. If you longed to be with your grand children but couldn’t find the time while working then you can take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect and help your children and grand children discover all that life has to offer.
   Travel jobs for seniors can cross anoth- er item off the bucket list. The travel indus- try offers a host of job opportunities that will allow you to see parts of the world without the cost of doing it on your own. Work for
a company that organizes travel programs; cruise ships have all sorts of job opportuni- ties from entertainment to meal preparation; become a tour guide; work for a hotel chain; seek out fun seasonal work; become a prop- erty caretakers somewhere you want to go; and so much more.
If on the other hand you were blessed to be able to develop great relationships with your grand children then now is the perfect time to help them grow even deeper. Help them to experience new things and just love them. Grand children are one of the greatest gifts.
Share you knowledge with consulting. This is a great opportunity to transition with as much ease as you are looking for. You can work with a goal of filling your day from morning to night or work with just a few clients. Your skills and expertise can be valu- able to employers throughout the state, or
the nation; you choose. This type of second
No matter what path you choose, choose this one for you. Discuss your ideas with your spouse, your children, your work part- ners, and possibly visit a financial planner. And above all, take steps to take care of your health so that you have the energy to refire your dreams well into your retirement years.
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