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Senior Times - September 2017 faith
Thomas J. Unger, ACSW Patricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN
5350 Beckley Rd, Suite D
(Side door of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust)
As a care provider, we give you the opportunity to remain in your home, where you feel most comfortable.
 Dementia Capable Care
 Aide & Companion Service
 Medication Set-Up
 Housekeeping
 Transportation
 Nursing Services
 All Employees Screened & Bonded
60+ Years of Qualified Experience
Rev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior Times
Providing peace of mind to you and your family.
Visit our website to for a Pre-Arrangement form.
703 Capital Ave, SW, Battle Creek
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah. 29:11
Overwhelmed. That one word says it all as I contemplate the complexity of tragedy that human beings face in our world. And the truly tragic thing is that the sheer number and degree of tragedies is increasing. I’m not talking about car and plane accidents, hur- ricanes or tornadoes... tragic though they are. I’m talking about the things people or leaders on this planet could possibly do to stop the fighting and truly make peace.
The war on the streets and in the homes of America is just as tragic when you think about it. The break- down of the family, the proliferation and availability of illegal drugs, and the disregard for laws and the law- abiding citizens.
I’m fed up with world leaders just making speeches about how bad things are, and then go on to plan their next election strategy. I’m disgusted with the fact that we’re becoming numb to the serious pain of people and finding ourselves suffering group compassion fatigue. Ok, so I’m ranting. But I still feel overwhelmed. Where is there help
for this frustration? It all comes back to God. That’s where our true “peace” lies.
There’s a great song about peace written in 1987 by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, and the lyrics go... “Let
there be peace on earth... AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME...” Oh my,... I have a responsibility to do something? Yes, we all do. And I’m reminded that every little effort counts in the big pic- ture... every kind deed, every sincere prayer offered, every cup of cold water offered in the name of the Holy One counts.
Join me in doing the little things for peace in our world and in our lives.
Know that there is a bigger plan at work... one that will prosper us and not harm us, one that will give us a hope and a future... and peace in our hearts. Now I know what Jesus said is true... “In this world you will have trouble...”
But the very next thing he says brings hope to my heart... “But take heart, for I have overcome the world...” (John 16:33)
I take that as a word of hope for your life and mine in this time of our discontent, and every month ahead.
~ Faithfully yours, Jim Gysel
Extended Community
Respite Options
By: Tim Mitchell, Grant Coordinator, CentraCare
Caregivers, Are You Tired?
We Understand!
CentraCare’s experienced staff will lovingly care for your elderly loved one at our Battle Creek Day Center location to give you relief. At NO CHARGE* to you!
Transportation | Nutritious Meal & Snack | Socialization Assistance with Personal Care | Cognitively Stimulating Activities
Sat, Sept 9, 10am-2pm | Wed, Sept 13, 5-9pm Sat, Sept 23, 10am-2pm | Wed, Sept 27, 5-9pm
To register, please contact Donna at (269) 441-9319 Monday – Friday from 9 am - 5 pm
200 W. Michigan Avenue | Battle Creek, MI 49017 269-448-5460 |
*Funds for this program are made available through a grant from the Calhoun County Senior Millage.
CentraCare, a local non-profit healthcare organization providing med- ical care, social services and socializa- tion for the frail elderly in our commu- nity since 2008, was recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Calhoun County Office of Senior Services
to initiate the Extended Community Respite Options program. It is a service designed by CentraCare to alleviate the caregiver burden in Calhoun County.
Under this newly developed initia- tive CentraCare will provide, at no charge to caregivers or their fami- lies, periods of evening and weekend respite care for the frail elderly of Calhoun County so their caregivers can experience some relief from their stressful role.
The Alzheimer’s Association esti- mates there are 510,000 individuals in Michigan providing care to 180,000 people afflicted with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. The mental, emotional and physical toll on those watching over the elderly in their homes is a significant factor causing seventy-four percent of these caregiv- ers to report they were “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” about maintaining their own health since becoming a caregiver. Healthcare professionals indicate finding qualified respite care for an aging family mem- ber is an important factor in preventing caregiver burnout.
CentraCare’s extensive experience
in caring for the frail and medically complex elderly of Calhoun County positions them to be well poised to develop this program. Now in their eighth year of operation, they have a highly qualified staff of skilled health care professionals committed to serving this vulnerable segment of our popula- tion as well as a very up-to-date
facility, transportation resources and quality programming.
“By providing this service to care- givers in our community we anticipate helping them avoid burnout, engage in meaningful activities within the com- munity, transact personal business, or use this time in any way they desire,” explained CentraCare CEO Alexandria Lueth. She went on to say, “Each elder- ly participant involved in the program will engage in meaningful social activi- ties outside their home, experience a warm and caring environment, enjoy a nutritious meal and snack, be assisted with personal care needs, and will be exposed to cognitively stimulating activities.”
Dr. Carl Gibson, previous director
of the Calhoun County Office of Senior Services, stated, “Our organization has worked closely with CentraCare since it began eight years ago and we believe that extended respite services would greatly benefit our community by enabling older adults to remain at home longer and healthier.”
Because of the grant, the Extended Community Respite Options program is being made available to caregivers throughout Calhoun County at abso- lutely no charge. Staffed by registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, this no-charge service includes trans- portation to and from the center if needed, meals, snacks, programming, and personal care.
For days and times available, more information about the program, and to register, you may contact Donna at (269) 441-9319.
CentraCare is located in the Kool Family Center at 200 W. Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek. You can also obtain additional information about other services provided by CentraCare by visiting their website at www.

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