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QUESTION: My Mother passed away a few years ago. I prepared the deed myself to put her on my house so if I passed away she would get
the house. Now I am trying sell my house and the realtor is saying that I have to probate my Mother’s estate first. Are they right?
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    ANSWER: I can’t say for sure without seeing the deed. However, I can tell you that if you did not use the right language in the deed, then they are probably right.
When you have two or more people on a deed and one of those people die, then the heirs of the person who died will get his or her share. That is the default law in Michigan. That makes sense, right? For example: Let’s say
I buy some land with another person. The cost of the land is $200,000. As such, we each pay $100,000 for the land. Now if I die, then my children should get my share of the land, right? That’s only fair since I paid $100,000 for it and it’s my land. The other owner shouldn’t get it, my heirs should.
Here is my advice to the readers; go see an attorney if you need a deed. A deed is probably one of the most inexpensive things that attorneys do.
  However, in other circumstances such as yours where you just wanted your Mother to get the house if you died, then you have to put specific lan- guage in the deed so that the “right of survivorship” is created. You have to state that you and your Mother own the property as “joint tenants.” I am guess- ing you did not do that. Most people that do their own deeds do not. If that is the case, then you have to probate your Mother’s estate.
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Most people that create their own deeds to save a few hundred dollars end up doing it wrong and it ends up costing them thousands of dollars and a whole lot of time in probate court.
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